Research and Development

The company has developed the organic fertilizer called Phosphate Rich Organic Manure (PROM) by using high grade rock phosphate with farm yard waste and other organic matter. The field trials conducted through the different agricultural universities in the country have shown that the agronomic efficacy of this new P-fertilizer is higher than that of the complex phosphatic fertilizers available in the market today. ‘PROM’ is suitable to neutral and alkaline soils, which will prove to be a boon to the Indian farmers. In the long run, this product will be a winner as it has significant price advantage vis-à-vis the other chemical fertilizers. Commercialization of the PROM technology will help utilization of waste and also help in conservation of the mineral rock phosphate as PROM shows good residual effect.

The company has put a major thrust on the R&D activities in the recent past and several new R&D projects have been taken up.

  • Research project taken up for development of fused Ca-Mg phosphate to utilize the vast reserves of low-grade ore of rock phosphate.

  • Converting tailing rejects of IBP to Direct Application Fertilizer for Magnesium deficient soils.

  • Research project taken up for possible commercial production of Bio-Diesel from Jetropha plant.

  • Beneficiation of low grade gypsum for producing high grade 80% + material for cement industry.

  • R&D efforts on apatite mineral to be used in jewelry and decoration. (moving towards value added product)

  • Company has started a Training and Consultancy Center at Jaipur, Rajasthan.


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