Environment and Safety

As a responsible corporate citizen, RSMML accords equal importance to ecological and social sectors. The company is concerned about not only the economic bottom-line reflected by the impressive performance on all quarters and higher profitability but also the benefits and impacts of our operations, processes and products on the environment and the health and safety of our employees and the community.

M/s National Safety Council (NSC), Mumbai was engaged by the company to carry out the safety audit of all the SBUs during the year 2005-06.

A Comprehensive energy audit of all the units of the company has been carried out by Petroleum Conservation Research Association (PCRA). 

RSMML has constructed a huge dam of 200 mcft. fresh water storage capacity on Jhamari river, which has helped in recharging the regional water table.

Extensive afforestation/planatation work is being done in and around all mines.

The Industrial Beneficiation Plant is "Zero discharge plant". The waste water is treated at acid water treatment plant, resulting in an saving of about 1.5 million CuM of fresh water.

Regular monitoring and control of different  environmental parameters i.e. air, water, dust, noise and heat etc.

Installation of dust extraction system at crushing and screening plant and at Central Gypsum Grinding Unit, Rawla, Bikaner.

The mined out area is being back filled simultaneously to reclaim the land.

Sajjan Niwas Garden established in 1883 has been adopted  by RSMML and is being restored to its pristine glory.

Company has a safety and health policy. Company follows statutory requirements as per Mines Act 1952. Every year Safety week celebrated at different units under the aegis of Director General of Mines Safety (DGMS).

A well equipped vocational training center at Phosphate SBU caters to need of various training regarding safety and occupational health for the employees.

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