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Mining - Gypsum

We are the country’s leading producer of natural Gypsum and Selenite producing about 3.0 million tonnes per year. These are mined in the heart of the Thar desert areas where the working conditions are very harsh. The deposits are shallow and scattered over large areas. Most of the land is owned by private cultivators.

The mining of Gypsum of purity of +70% CaSO4, 2H2O is a co-operative effort between the land owners and RSMML. The farmers gives up his gypsum bearing land to RSMML in return for an assured share of profits. After mining, the Company improves the land condition and returns back to the farmer for cultivation.



Gypsum fulfils the demands of the cement industries and powder Gypsum is used by farmers as a direct fertilizer for reconditioning of alkaline soils for reducing alkalinity and improving crop production. Selenite is a naturally occurring crystalline form of high purity Gypsum and is used extensively in the ceramics industries and to manufacture surgical grade Plaster of Paris.

Mining/Office Location

SBU - Gypsum, RSMML, Sadul Club Building, Bikaner-334 001. Rajasthan, India.
Phone: +91-151-2200171-75 Fax: +91-51-2523519,2202842

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