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Mining - Lignite

The state of Rajasthan is endowed with large lignite deposits in the country after Tamilnadu & Gujarat. In the three districts of the state viz. Bikaner, Nagaur and Barmer, geological reserves of more than one billion tonnes have been confirmed so far by exploratory drilling. Beside, deep seated reserves of lignite suitable for underground lignite gasification also exists in the state. The state is also having lignite blocks suitable for development of Coal Bed Methane projects. 

RSMML is a State Government Enterprise involved with the work of development of Lignite deposit for mercantile sale in cement, textile, brick kiln etc industries and for the ultimate end use of power generation by open cast mining or underground lignite gasification.

RSMML at present is operating two lignite mines one at Giral in district Barmer and another at Kasnau-Matasukh in district  Nagaur.


Giral mine is situated near village Giral, 43 Km from Barmer district in western Rajasthan. Giral mines, the first modern OPENCAST Lignite mine in Rajasthan (after  closure  of Palana  underground mine in 1967) was started  by  the erstwhile RSMDC in the year 1994.  The commercial production of Lignite  from this mine, with envisaged  capacity  of 300,000 MT per  year,  was started  in May 1995.   At Giral mines, the production and the allied mining activities are being executed in highly scientific and technically sound manner so as to achieve excellence in all spheres with particular emphasis on bringing a great degree of consumer satisfaction.


Matasukh-Kasnau  mines are situated near villages Kasnau & Matasukh  of Nagaur district in the central Rajasthan, which is 42 Km from district head quarter. The commercial production of Lignite  from these mines, was commenced from November 2003 with envisaged  capacity  of 12,00,000 MT per  year.  These mines are located in central part of Rajasthan, thus having better accessibility to markets in Uttar Pradesh, Haryana and Punjab. Lignite of these mines has added advantage of low sulphur and ash contents.


Lignite, a premature  variety of coal is a dark brown to black combustible mineral formed over millions of years by the partial decomposition of plant material subject to increased pressure and temperature in an airless atmosphere. In simple terms, lignite is a brown coal. In its natural form, lignite is porus, light in weight and contains a high percentage  of moisture and volatile matters as compared  to Fixed  Carbon. Because of  this, its transportation, over long distances is uneconomical.  Therefore,  this fuel is ideally  suitable for running Lignite based power generation plant located close to pit head.

Mining/Office Location

SBU & PC Lignite Office

GGM (Lignite), RSMML, Khanij Bhawan, Tilak Marg, Jaipur, India
Phone: +91-141-2227715, 2227947, 5103350 (Marketing)
Fax: +91-141-2227761, 2227060, 2227360 (Marketing),

CEU Lignite Barmer Office

GM (Lignite), Giral Lignite Project, RSMML, RIICO Industrial Area,
Post Box No.14, Barmer - 344001 India.
Phone: +91-2982-220473 Fax: +91-2982-221117

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